What does identity mean in the selfie era?

I almost never post photos where the viewer
can identify me but I have built a personality through my images.
Mistery, color, femininity...

12 of the most acclaimed illustrators made a portrait of someone that they have never seen. How? Inspired not by my physical features but by my soul. 

W Magazine
El Mundo
IT Fashion

“ If an alien landed in London, it would think that the smart phone that everyone
is looking down into, is the control centre of these beings.
And in away, they would be right.  Smart phones and their technology have become central
to people's understanding of identity. Comparisons and self evaluations are continually made in digital world. 

I’ve portrayed IsabelitaVirtual with more eyes than the rest of mortals because she can see things that others can´t. She is delicate, unique. It´s too complicated to reach her creative mind. She´s an enigma”

Helen Downie @UnskilledWorker

“ In an alternative social media world full of marketing clones it is very crucial for me, to be myself, to stay true to what I think and what I feel and express it through my works. I want my viewer to not concentrate on me and the way I live – it is not important. I want to create my identity on the most important things for me – my works.
IV has proved that we can connect with thousands of people in this way. ”


“ A lot of people are surprised to discover that I’m a happy and optimistic person, my works don’t explain my whole personality but they do talk a lot about that part of life, melancholy, sadnessthat I’m very interested in and draws much attention “.


“ I chose to stay away from knowing who IV really is physically. Instead, I kept on her online personality which inspired me the most: Her face reflects what I felt when scrolling through IV feed...beauty, strength, and that bold attitude she has.
I wanted her to be feminine, but keeping a part of mystery “


“ The first thing I was inspired by was the way Isabelita has to hide herrself from the main focus.
I love that her work is focused in what you see and how she wants the viewers see things.
There is always freedom to read your images and this is exactly what I want to do with my illustrations.
Let each one understand in his own heart what is seeing. Different interpretations.

I see her as a mischivious kid, always wanting to discover but with the hability to imagine strange and inaccessible worlds. Fun, smart, different, colorful”

Cristina Daura @cdaura

“Our digital identity is a changing mask where can hidden ourselves to survive in an irreal world of likes and haters”
@Conrad Roset

"The biggest misconception about identity is that it’s ours…It belongs to us, but it is not of us.
It’s your momma’s cynical ways, your daddy's fear, your grandma’s wit. It’s an innate amalgamation of your immediate environment. Whether it be manufactured or fostered "it" becomes your identity.

Its the stories we keep telling ourselves, about ourselves...until we re-discover ourselves.
It’s your heartbeat but it ain't the pulse.. yet both are needed to thrive”



"As an illustrator I can connect with other artists and imagine how they are, not physically but I
can illustrate what the world of this person is suggesting me and being inspired by them. For me, Isabelita is is the misterous girl who lives hidden in a colorfull wallpaper of ideas”

Stephan Beaumont @OneEyeGirl

Velwyn Yossy @Velwyn