Memories from the Future.
Ephemeral chromatic installation, creative direction and concept.
LCI Education Talent Show 2019.
Barcelona Design Hub Museum.

The “O” Project.

Naming, Concept and idea developed in collaboration with Soledad Amado.
Launching of new device for smartphones, the lens cameras QX10 and QX100.

We created the "The O Project" Campaign.A promotional action focused into taking photos of rounded things as the rounded iconic device is, the Sony Lens Camera.
The best photos were posted on ThisistheOProject website becoming into a never-ending campaign for the brand.

We communicated the promo via @isabelitavirtual and @thepettitebrunette Instagram accounts and on Trendstagram and The Petite Brunette blogs.
Under the tittle The O Project, the rounded contest.

More than 2,000 participants on Instagram in 2 days.
There were two winners but thousands of beautiful rounded pictures, so we created
This is the "O" Project website to show the best 50 pictures. You can see all them here.