Anti-Sefie Portraits 2019
Comissioned by ︎

In 2011 I got my first camera ever; it was an iPhone4. I joined Instagram and from that moment a series of unexpected things happened.
During these years I have kept working on personal work focusing on identity and self-portraits.
A kind of anti-selfie project that was, in fact, a way of showing myself.
In 2019 the project came full circle. I shot a series of Anti-Selfie portraits commissioned by @apple.
+110,000 ︎. Yes, in the times of big data this is quite a lot.

Portrait Series 2011-18

Eight O'clock 

As time goes by

Pink Lady

Handmade Self-identity 1/3

Handmade Self-identity 2/3

Handmade Self-identity 3/3



I was beside myself

Ocher November




Weak Memories 1/3

Weak Memories 2/3

Weak Memories 3/3

Between Two Worlds

Hoshi Oshi

Irneh Ruop Edanomil. Matisse.