Oda - An instrument for listening

Art Direction & Photography

In 2020 the New York-based concern Oda unveiled a first-generation speaker and performance system that was years in the making. Though envisioned and prototyped long before the pandemic its arrival offered a beautiful, organic connection with sound and music from home. 

A pair of wooden square speakers designed as a portal to performance spaces, rehearsal studios or locations around the world. 

How to transmit visually the power and connection of live sound?

The hear sense plays with other senses creating a synaesthesic feeling: the sound that touches you.
The listener in the center, literally. We created a visual system based in a triptych composition.
The speakers are strategically placed in both sides to be displayed not just but also on the Instagram feed grid.   

Far from the cold tone of sound tech brands the campaign aims to reflect real emotions.