NASA Psyche Mission’s Social Media Ambassador.

Outreach & Content creation.

In Oct0ber 2023 NASA Social, selected 16 creators from around the globe to share the #PsycheMission with the world. Most of them were experts in science, engineers, or science communicators. Only three of them were not American, and only one was European and had no knowledge of science, that was me.

Sometimes, you don't reach your audience through reason alone, but through emotion or a combination of both. Perhaps that's what led them to select me. In any case, it was a huge privilege to have my questions answered by the mission's direct responsible personnel, lead by Lindy Elkins-Tanton and Laurie Leshin.

I was a witness of the NASA Psyche Mission launch in collaboration with SpaceX  and had the chance of  stepping into restricted areas.  If I had to explain what I took away, it would be Admiration and Trust in the human being. Something that is difficult to feel in these times. What makes us all feel a connection to the NASA brand is the ability to overcome and reach further. The main difference from "Impossible is Nothing" by Adidas, "Just Do It," by Nike or Apple´s "Think Different" is the product, but the values they sell are the same. We all want to feel part of something greater than ourselves.